Savings Analysis

Discover how your current prescription benefit plan works – and how it can be improved.

IHC can lower costs to your company and create better outcomes for your employees.

IHC will review and evaluate your current plan.  Our analysis will give your firm a clear and concise picture of where your costs are and what your savings can be.

All you need to provide IHC in order to receive our complete analysis:

  • A copy of your current PBM agreement
  • Any administrative fees paid to TPA or medical carrier for administering the prescription program
  • Prescription utilization data, preferably over 12 months
  • Summary plan document of current prescription benefits

Pro-Tip – Provide IHC with the authorization to approach your PBM directly for this information. We will handle everything for you in a confidential manner.

Discover the ease of letting IHC find savings for you