Rely on IHC experience to successfully re-negotiate terms of PBM agreements.

Before your next renewal date secure IHC’s insight and experience with all of the major PBMs and health plans. The results can be dramatic.

Our team has successfully re-negotiated the terms of PBM agreements for many large employers.

Our approach is fundamentally different, marked by deep knowledge of the competitive marketplace and careful study of the client’s objectives and current agreement.

The team at IHC:

  • Evaluates current pricing and contract terms to determine the opportunity for re-negotiation.
  • Builds a case methodically to preserve the client’s relationship with the vendor.
  • Identifies areas specific to the client’s agreement that do not reflect competitive realities in the market.

IHC knows pricing – the PBM or health plan – the proven path to successful re-negotiation – Rely on IHC