Plan Consolidation

It is smart to consolidate.  IHC makes it easy for you by anticipating and preventing potential pitfalls.

If your company is wrestling with multiple PBMs or health plans administering benefits to your employees nationally, IHC can make consolidation easier and surer.

Consolidation gives your firm:

  • Single focus for Prescription plan management
  • Standardized benefits
  • Common strategies for consistent results
  • Common utilization and cost reports for analysis and intervention
  • Increased membership for greater buying power
  • Improved efficiencies for the HR/Benefits team

IHC helps large employers consolidate their plans, guiding the process from start to finish.

One Story: We helped one company consolidate 50 different prescription plan administrators, bringing the entire membership under a single PBM, and achieving hard dollar savings in excess of $2.5 million.

We coordinate benefit changes for all installations; establish uniform processes; standardize limitations; set the co-pay structure(s); help to choose the formulary and network with the least disruption for the employees.

When it comes to consolidation make the smart choice choose IHC.