Clinical Consulting

Improve your overall understanding of your PBM or health plan with IHC’s thorough and insightful consultation.

IHC’s clinical pharmacists monitor the PBM’s or health plan’s formulary management strategy in conjunction with the Client’s drug utilization with particular focus on the following goals:

  1. Evaluate formulary compared with drug utilization, on an ongoing basis.
  2. Review generic utilization and identify opportunities for improvement
  3. Develop and coordinate strategies with PBM to proactively encourage utilization of drugs that are losing patent protection – this strategy alone can save your firm considerable amounts.
  4. Identify and promote the most cost-effective therapies utilizing formulary medications

A particular strength is our ability to evaluate the PBM’s or health plan’s clinical programs and then recommend clinical initiatives to manage specific therapeutic classes more effectively. Such initiatives might include:

  1. Prior authorization
  2. Step therapy
  3. Member education initiatives
  4. Disease management opportunities

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