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IHC helps employers provide quality Rx benefits and reduce pharmacy expenses.  Take administrative control of your plan.  You can also reap a wealth of benefits from IHC’s sound clinical consulting.  With IHC on your side you have a smart proven team to give you solutions you need.

IHC was founded by two managed care veterans with over 20 years of experience in health care delivery and management. The expertise of our company’s principals is supported by a dedicated staff of experienced professionals operating as your internal pharmacy benefits management department.

Employer’s Challenge IHC’s Solution
PBM standard operating procedures were in conflict with provisions of the client’s collective bargaining agreement We communicated with the PBM, in its own language, to reinforce the terms of the agreement and change PBM’s standard operating procedures
PBM failed to report a flaw in the pharmacy benefit co-pay structure IHC identified the problem and corrected the co-pay design resulting in a refund to the employer
The employer knew that drug costs for the plan had increased, but did not have any useful data to identify steps to take for improvement We analyzed the data on a regular basis and targeted interventions, giving the client the data needed for sound decisions and goals for improvement
A single employer had three different health plans, each with its own PBM IHC consolidated the health plans under one PBM and standardized the benefits across all employee installations, easing the client’s administrative burdens
Client desired consistent preventive drug program offerings for employees across all companies We determined specific wellness initiatives offered by the medical carrier and PBM and negotiated custom preventive drug list for PBM-based companies, providing consistent access to preventive drugs
Client with multiple independent companies transitioned approximately 50% of companies to integrated medical and pharmacy benefit structure; desired continuation of clinical management programs previously available through direct contract with PBM IHC implemented the carve-in programs for the client, with ongoing management dealing with the medical carrier. We implemented similar (within carrier capability) clinical programs as the carve-out plan to make the prescription benefit administration as uniform as possible between the companies
Employer needed education presentations to employees on different pharmacy topics (examples: “why generics”, “how to maximize your pharmacy benefit”, “how can I help my doctor to help me”) We suggested topics and created presentations. Employees and benefit staff learned more about the details of their pharmacy benefit program.