About Us

Our mission is to save our clients money and to serve their pharmacy benefits management needs.

Our expertise enables us to cut through barriers associated with administrative procedures and clinical jargon to accomplish our client’s objectives. We monitor drug use and cost trends to sharpen our focus on reducing prescription cost expenditures. IHC assists our clients in making informed pharmacy benefits decisions.

Serving Employers Nationwide

Since the 1980’s, large employers have used Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies to administer their employee benefits for prescription drugs. In the process, many have learned how difficult it is to actively manage their prescription plan – monitoring use and trends and taking action to contain costs. Today, with pharmacy benefit cost trends increasing by 16-18% annually, more and more employers are turning to pharmacy benefit consultants for expert help. Integrated Health Concepts, LLC is uniquely qualified to assist you in implementing cost containment strategies that work.

Value Drives Our Growth

Established in 1999, IHC has grown quickly because employers are demanding more help to understand and control their drug costs. Client satisfaction surveys confirm that employers value IHC’s unbiased management of pharmacy plans; data analysis and recommendations for action; clinical and business expertise; and advocacy and intervention with the PBM.

We serve a broad range of employers throughout the US, including:

  • Forestry/Agriculture
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospital Systems
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Service
  • Telecommunications/Media
  • Hospitality
  • Third-Party Administrators